Welcoming our Global Community Ambassador!

Welcoming our Global Community Ambassador!

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We are very excited to announce an addition to our team: Laura Rajchman is joining as our Global Community Ambassador.

She was one of the early professional interpreters to join the Babelverse community, and loving the experience of interpreting via Babelverse (including for high profile people such as Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey). Understanding the potential of this revolutionary new way for interpreters and users alike, she is joining the team to help us fully realize it. In her own words: “I feel identified with the company’s philosophy and wish to contribute to such an amazing mission of breaking down language barriers around the globe”.

Laura, like the rest of the Babelverse team, is a glomad. She was born in Uruguay, a beautiful but very small country in South America. Eager for adventure, at the age of 16 she moved to Iowa (USA) for a year because she saw learning to speak English well as the first step to her dream of becoming an actress. She later headed to Los Angeles where instead of acting, she discovered language as her true passion. She then moved to Buenos Aires where she graduated as a Spanish-English Translator and Conference Interpreter and worked as an English teacher and translator for several years.

One day New York came calling, so not letting the opportunity pass her by she headed there to work as Manager for LatAm, HR Coordinator & Translator for an online education company. After that she was able to combine her passion for languages with her experiences in teaching and educational software, by becoming the Community Manager for Voxy, an innovative online language learning platform.

Addicted to travelling and languages, she’s just returned from a few months in Paris for an intensive French course. Back in Buenos Aires, she’s now studying sign language in order to keep breaking down all types of communication barriers.

Laura Rajchman Professional InterpreterYou can expect to see her in action on this blog soon, and well as on our Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to get in touch with her with your questions about being a Babelverse interpreter, or if you want tips about how to become a glomad too ;)…

You can also check out her Babelverse profile and follow her on Twitter

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2 thoughts on Welcoming our Global Community Ambassador!

  1. stephanie jo kent says:

    Hey Laura – which sign language?! There is very cool stuff happening here.

    1. Laura Rajchman says:

      Hi Stephanie, I’m studying LSA (Argentina Sign Language). I love it but I still have a lot to learn!